Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Looters Return Stuff to Games Workshop

For the benefit of overseas readers, we had some bad riots and looting in England last week.  On Monday, I was away from home, but thankfully not anywhere near any of the trouble hotspots.  During the afternoon, I walked past a branch of Games Workshop which was closed and  I instantly reasoned that it was one of there infamous one-man shops which closes so that  the poor guy running it can go to the toilet.  As I peered through the windows to see what they had on display, I joked to my wife, "I bet the looters give Games Workshop stores a wide berth".

Today one of my friends sent me this which made me laugh out loud.  I've talked about Games Workshop before and said that I would write a follow-up piece after visiting a store.  This has proved difficult as I've not managed to find one open during normal retail hours.

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  1. Terrific article, thanks for sharing! Also glad you're safe and sound.